Renewable energy company founded on the Principles of integrity and honesty.

Trenton Green is an answer to the energy problems posed by the poor supply of electricity in Nigeria.

trenton green renewable energy company limited nigeria about workers
trenton green renewable energy company nigeria about mission
Our Vision

To be the first choice provider for renewable energy electrification systems nationwide.

It is a professed vision of the Nigerian government to get local companies actively involved in the renewable energy electrification industry and it is the popular desire of Nigerians to be free of its dependence on the intermittent, unstable power supply that characterizes the  Nigerian power industry.

Our Mission

Providing technical consulting services to private industry and commercial enterprises, real estate developers, hoteliers, hospital and public agencies.

The cost of shoring up the inadequacies of the national power supply on a business-by-business, household-by-household basis is abominable because people are left to use inefficient means of generating electricity. Trenton Green seeks to fix this.

trenton green renewable energy company nigeria about vision

Why Choose Us

Our Company Trenton Green is the sole African distributor for the Hybrid Current Surge Optimizers (CSO) that are currently revolutionizing the  electricity  generation market today.

The CSO is inserted in to the inverter electricity production line at a point where it protects your expensive and short-lived  inverter batteries from the debilitation of repeat charges and discharges that are responsible for the diminishing capacity of your inverter batteries currently.

The Advantages are as follows:

We  propose that you upgrade your current electricity generation power systems to include the Trenton Green REC Current Surge Optimiser to enjoy all the above benefits.

Should you find yourself to be interested in this remarkable product we will send  our engineers to conduct a professional estimation of the current power systems at your premises and your total current power load status, before notifying you of the KVA of the CSO that would be best suited  for your business requirements.

The Trenton Green Current Surge Optimizer (C.S.O)  is a new innovation to this sub-region and is currently on sale at the cost of N100,000 per KVA needed .

A business that perchance uses 100 KVA power system can saved as much as N36m per every 2 years in battery renewal alone not to mention the savings that you would be assured of from not having to buy generator fuel and generator maintenance.

Nor would you suffer the embarrassment and profit  loss occasioned by power outages.

Trenton Green also provides off grid electricity and electrification systems that would ultimately be less expensive NERC even without the proposed new Tarrif expected to commence from June 2021.

These alternative electrification systems include solar energy devices and vertical wind turbines.

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Trenton Quality Policy

Trenton green always renders products and services of consistently high quality that meet or exceed our customers requirements and expectations at all times.

Our Leadhership

James Bosman

Founder & CEO

Lisa Hernandez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Robertson

Co-Founder & Board Member

Una Lopez

Chief of Staff

Mike Doe

Head of Product
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